Why You Should Start an Online Business in 2020

Why you should start an online business

Why you should consider an online business in 2020 [even if you have no money]

  • There are more than 4 billion internet users around the world 
  • Of these 4 billion internet users, just over 3 billion use social media 
  • Mobile social users are the fastest growing market of the internet
  • Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are listed in the top 3 of the top 5 social media apps being used
  • Nasdaq estimates that in the next 2o years, only 5% of purchases will be purchased offline leaving 95% of purchases happening on ecommerce 
  • WordPress estimates that over 400 million people view more than 20 billion pages a month [WordPress.com]
  • Most people say that blogs are a trusted source of information especially when it comes from someone that they like, know and trust 
  • One billion hours of video is watched daily on youtube 
  • It is inexpensive to get set up online [and a service based online business is extremely inexpensive to get started with]

[for the detailed stats listed above and more like them take a peek at our source here]

Now the personal benefits:

In one word: FREEDOM!

  1. Work from home [or a beach in Tulum]
  2. No need to rely on a boss to promote you or define your net worth 
  3. You don’t have to quit your day job to make money on the side [until you’re ready]
  4. Set your own schedule 
  5. Prioritize your health 
  6. Create more time for your friends and family
  7. Decide how much you want to work and how much money you want to make
  8. Get a real sense of fulfillment by working in your genius zone 
  9. Control your narrative and share your story to inspire and help others 
  10. Learn new skills and explore your passions
  11. Make new friends – the online community of entrepreneurs is amazing! 
  12. You work less if you consider commute time [and the cost of commuting]
  13. You can claim a % of your rent or mortgage on your taxes [in some countries]
  14. Pajamas are an acceptable work uniform

I know with 99% certainty, that you know something that someone else doesn’t that you can monetize. If you have been living and breathing for 20 years [or even less], you have accumulated multiple life experiences and chances are you know how to solve someone else’s problem. Look, I’m not going to sit here and say it’s EASY. But it’s probably not as difficult as you think it is to get set up. There will be moments where you want to cry, throw your laptop off the balcony, and sit on the floor with a tub of ice cream. But the highs? They are worth every moment if you ask me. I’ve made money sitting on the deck of my overwater bungalow in the Maldives, while on safari in South Africa, and as I am dancing to music around a bonfire in Hawaii. I’ve taken weeks off every year to go on vacation with my family, taken mid-week days off to go on dates with my toddler, and I’ve been able to work with hundreds of people on almost every continent. It is incredibly fulfilling work, and the freedom is truly priceless. You ready for a life of more?

What’s your next step?

  1. Decide what problem you want to solve 
  2. Make sure this aligns with your personal lifestyle and income goals
  3. Check the data and validate your solution with your ideal market 
  4. Get set up online with your website, social media accounts, and email list
  5. Learn any new skills you don’t currently have [hire someone or watch youtube videos]
  6. Start sharing your solution and story!
  7. Make money by solving your people’s problems

Or you can call me! And I will give you the exact blueprint for how to build your biz including all the tech issues keeping you up at night! 

Together we will:

  • Determine your purpose filled business and earn paychecks doing what you love
  • Use your genius zone to impact the world
  • Communicate with an authentic voice to build a community of raving fans
  • Have tech stuff taken care of so no more overwhelm (websites and funnels, babe)
  • A lifestyle business model with systems so you can really enjoy your newfound freedom without having to live inside your business 24/7
  • Confidence to quit the cubicle
  • Money making strategies for success and done for you checklists to keep your time prioritized
  • Mindsets to own your presence and accept abundance as you grow alongside your business
  • Accountability and a support system reminding you of your BIG WHY
  • Belong to a business community that has your back all👏🏽the👏🏽damn👏🏽time
If you’re ready to get extra support with starting your online business in 2020, take a look at our Build Her Biz group coaching program here or book your free strategy call here …


With love, 

Your business bestie aka Robyn xox

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