About Us

Econamie Inc. is your hub for female economic empowerment.

About EconAmie

Econamie Inc. is your hub for female economic empowerment.

This is not a space that dwells in the injustice or the difficult; this is a place to find motivation and inspiration. Here, you will be reminded of your powerful agency and provided with a toolkit and support system (hello, #besties), to rise, empowered with a new sense of personal worth and responsibility.

Econamie is about the WEconomy: that is, the collective health and wellbeing of global womanhood and our right to pursue professional purposes that support our livelihood without jeopardizing our health, wellbeing, or sense of right to belong… on equal terms. We believe that to be able to work, and work well, is a right, not a privilege.

Thus, Econamie is fearless in the hard conversations that tackle the systems that need to change. We are committed to ALL women and their unique experiences. This is not a one size fits all.

We welcome dichotomies and are comfortable to explore the spaces between. This is not about having to choose between either/or, but about being able to have both/and. A CEO and a mother. A dreamer and a realist. Purpose and paycheck. Uncertainty and confidence. To us, it’s all okay. It’s all human.

In fact, your biz and career besties (hey, that’s us Robyn and Lina) have had their fair share of the ups and downs when it comes to business and professional success. You’re probably wondering who we are so we’ll keep it short and sweet here and let you learn more later but here’s what you should know: Robyn has been working in business strategy and consulting for 7 years as an entrepreneur, consulting billion dollar corporations as well as working in the nonprofit sector. She has worked alongside big names like Vogue, Versace, Brooks Brothers, the United Nations Association of Canada. Lina has been working in the service and Human Resource industry, coaching clients with their career choices, supporting resume and interview prep, working with nine figure

clients to identify ideal talent as they grow teams, and providing talent with the confidence needed to succeed in the corporate world. As young(ish) moms, we both know all too well the difficulty of that hard-to-find-balance between personal and professional pursuits. Not only have we identified the gaps and barriers for women in their economic participation, we have experienced them firsthand. After working independently with hundreds of women, we have partnered to curate a hub for women everywhere to come for economic inspiration, motivation, tangible tools, and friendship.

Above all, we are deeply committed to you and your purpose aligning with your paycheck. To your big wild dreams, the ones that feel insurmountable, by providing resources, coaching, our expertise, and an extended bestie circle to help drive you to the infinite possibilities we know you are capable of.

The truth is, we can’t wait over two hundred years to achieve gender economic equality. The future of the world’s labour market cannot look like the one today. We refuse to accept this as an inevitable reality. Economic leadership, we believe, has the power to move this needle. It is one of the key cornerstones to supporting the rights of women worldwide in an array of categories.

Whether you are pursuing a corporate career or building a business, we’ve got you. No matter your struggle, success or blindspot, there is something and someone for you at Econamie.

We are building a table as big as we need; in fact our goal is TWELVE ZEROES. That is, mentoring 10 million women to each earn a minimum six figure salary, to contribute 1 trillion dollars (thats 1 plus 12 zeroes) to the global economy.

Needless to say, you can always sit with us. In fact, we’d be honoured if you would.


Robyn and Lina xo


Robyn Gooding


Lina Correa


As business coach to all of my business baes, I honour the sacred journey my clients trust me with

I have worked in business consulting and strategy (both for profit and non profit models) for over seven years with hundreds of clients (on 4 continents), helping million dollar franchisees, billion dollar companies and (my favourite) small business owners build successful businesses they love. From partnering with Vogue, Versace, Brooks Brothers and the United Nations Association of Canada, to working between surf sessions in Hawaii and from my holiday home in Vanuatu, I have been able to check off a lot of my profesional bucket list items.

“The time is now, the person is you” and “feel the fear, and do it anyway”.

I’ve helped six figure, seven figure and eight figure clients bring their business to life, and I want to help you bring yours to life too. I now work with purpose driven clients looking to build a lifestyle business that allows them to share their unique brand of magic with this world and unsubscribe from the corporate 9-5, just like I did.
Unsubscribing from the 9-5 rat race was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has given me the freedom to travel extensively (the equivalent of almost 15 times around the world), live on tropical beaches, take a vacation every single month for four years, have my

daughter without the pressures of traditional work styles throughout a difficult pregnancy, be financially independent and have full control over my time and location. Most importantly, it has allowed me to feel fully aligned professionally and personally, so that I operate from my core values fluidly.

My questions for you:

“what makes you come alive?” and “why NOT you?”

Lina Correa

Hello, I am so glad that you are here! As a career coach, I am driven by an insatiable desire to help women find fulfillment and purpose in their careers.

Treasuring every client’s journey as if it were my own, I take the time to truly get to know each of my clients personal values, needs and dreams and then support them in making their vision a reality. As a (very) young mom, I was forced to navigate my University education and corporate journey by making some pretty tough choices. 

“Fear shows up as excuses” ; “Failure is simply not trying”.

Throughout the past decade, I have experienced workplace harassment, gender and racial bias, and unfair treatment due to being a mother. I bring this “I totally get it” level of empathy to my approach because I believe that empathy is the bedrock of connection. I truly care about the success of every woman I encounter, because I know how hard it can be, how big our dreams are, and most excitingly of all: that is IS possible to reclaim your power, to build a career on your own terms, to pursue joy and curiosity through your professional journey, and to build a career that is in alignment with your personal values and goals.

I now help women redefine success for themselves, detached from all the noise and societal expectations. Who are you and what do you want? You (yes, you) are the epicentre of my business and my professional purpose.

My question to you:

“If you knew you could do anything, what would you do?”

“How might I support you in giving yourself permission to succeed?”